What does Tow-All Rentals offer? Over 100 equipment options to choose from.

Tow-all Rentals is your leading equipment rentals supplier based out of Calgary, Alberta serving clients throughout Western Canada. Our over 100+ unit fleet of equipment is comprised of only the latest state of the art models from top named manufacturers for all types of construction applications.

From major commercial projects to smaller jobs, we have equipment and construction professionals waiting to help support whatever it is you need at a moments notice.


Serving our community since 2017

We serve so many great communities throughout Western Canada and its equally a core value of Tow-All Rentals to provide support back to those communities.

If you or someone you know have a none profit organization we might be able to support, we want to hear about it!!


Our Story

Tow-All Rentals was founded in 2017 by construction professionals tired of searching for new clean equipment that meet high client expectations when needing rental equipment. That’s right!! Tow-All Rentals was built by construction professionals to merge the construction process with the right machines to get the job done efficiently, cost effective and most importantly safely.

Here at Tow-All we pride ourselves on 5 star customer service whether your project is large or small, we treat them the same with high detail and exceptional execution/delivery every time.

Too many times in the past our founders experienced rental equipment to be dirty, misused and just not what was asked for. Our goal is to ensure we supply our clients we serve not only with the right equipment for the job but equipment that is clean, new and of the highest quality. This is the core reason why Tow-All was founded. Its about you!

Message from our President

“Our clients successes depends on our support and that’s what matters most!!”
“We are here to listen, communicate and to support your project, ensuring our clients get what they need when they need it”

Without a doubt projects are challenging and not everything can go as planned, however with constant communication and well knowledge staff we wanted to show the industry the power of team work!